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There are several types of watercrafts that are sold in the market depending on the need and how it is used. Although there are watercrafts used to move or transport either person or containers to different parts of the world which are categorized as industrial boats, we will categorize it here into only four based on personal use: Sailboats, Motorboats, speed and sports boats, and personal Watercrafts.

Boats Powered by Wind

Sailboats are powered by the wind through its sails. There are several types of sailboats ranging from a small one man sailboat to a large sailboat that can hold a whole family. Regardless of the size, sailboats are identified by its structure: the hull, keel and other parts of the watercraft.

The hull of a sailboat provides ballast to the watercraft. The perfect hull of a sailboat depends on how it is geometrically shaped. Hulls are usually built with a foam filled chamber that makes the sailboat unsinkable. The keel of a sailboat is the backbone of the hull. It improved the lateral plane of the hull which allows easy sailing towards the wind. The centerboard is a light keel that allows the ship to glide in the water.

Engine Powered Watercrafts

A motorboat has engines to function. Motorboats can either have an inboard engine or an outboard engine that is installed at the rear part of the watercraft. An outboard engine has the combustion engine inside the boat and the propeller as well as the gearbox is outside the boat. An inboard motorboat has two configurations, v-drive and the direct drive. Direct drive would have the power plant in the middle with the propeller on the back; a v-drive would have the power plant on the back. V drive is more popular due to the popularity of wake surfing and wakeboarding. Motorboats come in different sizes just like the Boston Whaler which is just 4 meters open to yachts that can cross an ocean.

Luxury Watercrafts

Speedboats have powerful engines. These are streamlined watercrafts and were originally designed to be used to rescue. Its light weight allows the craft to travel up to 50mph. This type is inexpensive and it is inflatable and can be easily packed. The cost of speedboats may increase along with its performance. A sports boat is the same as a speedboat but it has one cabin to relax.

Personal Watercrafts for Personal Enjoyment and Fun

Personal Watercraft or Jet Ski is considered as a sea bike. It is a small water craft which can have at least two riders, the driver and the passenger. It is a very fast watercraft and it can quickly accelerate. It can be maneuvered easily. The motor of the Jet Ski sucks water and then expels it in a directional pattern through the nozzle. New models of jet skis allow up to four people.

Even Jet skis have insurance. These watercrafts are protected with a Datatag system; this is an identification scheme that uses registration numbers that are visible and electronic tags.